Amalfi Coast became part of the UNESCO heritage sites in 1997. The area boasts a unique blend of cultural wonders and natural landscapes. With forested cliffs, a lovely coastline and quaint restaurants serving Mediterranean fare, you'll want to stay for just one more day!

Here are 7 Amalfi Coast facts that'll make you appreciate it more and have a great experience on your next holiday:

1. Tuna and Anchovies

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Anchovies

Foodies will recognize the Colatura di Alici, a legendary elixir made right in the village of Cetara.

The tuna caught here are sold to Japan fot the sushi, while the anchovies from this part of the Amalfi Coast are delivered all around the world.

2. Lemons and Limoncello

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Lemons and Limoncello


The lemons that grow in Amalfi Coast are called Sfusato d'Amalfi. These huge, aromatic lemon fruits are essential for sailors during long sea trips to prevent seasickness.

The whole lemon could be eaten, peel and pulp are just delicious!

3. Wonder Woman in the Amalfi Coast

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Wonder Woman


Villa Cimbrone, one of the finest garden in the Mediterranean, located in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, was recently featured in the blockbuster film Wonder Woman.

In the story, the Amazonian warrior princess herself lived in the mystical island, surrounded by seas that glow cobalt blue, dramatic cliffs, lush greens and tranquil beaches. She stood in the villa's Terrazza dell'Infinito amid the breathtaking sight of the Amalfi Coast.

4. Celebrity Honeymooning Hotspot

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Honeymoon hotspot


Amalfi Coast is one of the top go-to honeymoon spots for Hollywood couples.

Jamie Oliver, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Zuckerberg and Kim Kardashian are notable names who have spent romantic evenings in this picturesque location.

5. Paper Making

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Paper making


Amalfi is widely known for its product, the Bambagina, a thick paper crafted by hand. Locally-made paper, stationary and cards can be bought here.

This type of very refined paper makes unique and elegant greeting cards and wedding invitations.

6. A Land of Churches

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Churches


Some of the current shops, hotels and shops used to be churches, built by families who wanted to have a church of their own.

The largest church is right in the center of Amalfi, adorned by baroque bronze features that was made in Constantinople

7. Capuchin Monks

Facts about Amalfi Coast - Capuchin Convent


The Capuchin Convent is a hotel that was once used as a monastery for the monks living in the Amalfi cliffs.

Legend has it that Capuchin monks invented Capuccino, a coffee beverage that includes warm milk, but actually the name Cappuccino derives from the color "cappuccino" (a shade of brown) of Capuchins habit