1. Where is Positano? ...The Perfect Location

Where is Positano?


Positano is the first town to welcome you when visiting the Amalfi Coast.

When driving from the west, head eastbound and soon you'll see the beautiful town elegantly perched on the hill, with vertiginous houses leading down to glamorous beaches and breathtaking seascapes.

2. The Pyramid of Positano

The Pyramid of Positano


The rock morphology makes Positano look like a natural pyramid that rival that of Egypt's.

The collection of brightly-painted buildings in the city climb ever upwards, clinging onto the rock face in a limpet-like setting.

3. Positano's Best View is from The Sea

View of Positano from the sea


The view of Positano from the sea is simply amazing!

Here, you'll admire the breathtaking magnificence via a vertical backdrop of deep, rich colours consisting of Monti Lattari green, the Mediterranean homes' yellow, pink and white medley, the cobalt sea and the silvery shimmer of its beaches.

4. Pezze di Positano

Positano fashion


Fashion is always celebrated here, thanks to the casual summer dresses made of cotton and linen material.

Since the legendary Moda Positano, tailors and seamstresses of Positano have used hand-dyed cotton and linen in fashion to create lace-edged skirts, low-cut dresses, and eccentric beachwear styles.

5. Steinbeck Lived Here

John Steinbeck in Positano


John Steinbeck the famous american author, spent quite some time living in Positano.

In 1953, the American writer mentioned how Positano is a dream place that's quite surreal when you're living in it, and yet it beckons to you once you've gone.

6. Positano - The Vertical Town

Positano the vertical town


Positano has a vertical layout and is ranked as one of the best sloping cities in the world. By boat, you can see the town towering above the water.

Positano is virtually etched on the mountain face! The colorful buildings climbing steeply amid terraces, gardens, and lemon trees forming a surreal picture into the rock formation.

7. Scialatielli Ai Frutti Di Mare - A must-eat it in Positano

Scialatielli Ai Frutti Di Mare in Positano


A must-eat if you're planning to visit Positano. The unforgettable dish consists of fresh pasta and just-caught seafood including langoustines, mussels and clams.

The pasta ribbon scialatelli is drizzled lightly with tasty garlic sauce and served on a ceramic plate from the Amalfi Coast.